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jukebox jams: if you were to find a brand new jukebox full of indie songs with a tint of vintage vibe, these are the tunes that would be playin’ all day.

01. hey boy- magic kids 02. rock it for me- caravan palace 03. dreaming of you- the coral 04. no buses- arctic monkeys 05. moneygrabber- fitz and the tantrums 06. nightcall- kavinsky 07. clash- caravan palace 08.chelsea dagger- the fratellis 09. the lovecats- the cure 10. teenage icon- the vaccines 11.second chance- peter bjorn and john 12. bang bang bang- mark ronson and the business intl. 13. if i ever feel better- phoneix 14. girls and boys in love- the rumble strips 15. sweet darlin’- she & him 16. be brave- the strange boys 17. norgaard- the vaccines 18. lets dance to joy division- the wombats 19. your english is good- tokyo police club 20. under the cover of darkness- the strokes


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